Limited hours and Services for Building Work

posted: by: Mark Mills Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Dear folks:
Well, there are only 7 more shopping days until Christmas, and only 6 more working days at North Deering Vet until we close for a little over a week between Christmas and New Year's (this has been posted at the hospital,since October, and we have reminded folks through our Facebook page a number of times).  we will be closed for appointments and surgery from 4 PM on Saturday December 23 until 7:30 AM on Tuesday January 2 for repairs on the building.  During this time, we will have no access to the rear 2/3 of the building, but we will try to keep the front desk open from 9-5 each day 12/26 through 12/30 to take phone calls, refill medications and prescription diets, but we will not be able to see appointments, administer vaccines, or in fact use most of the building.  While we really hate having to do this, the work needs to be done, and this period tends to have the least number of appointments, so we will minimally impact our patients and clients.    If you have an emergency during this time please contact the Animal Emergency Clinic at  207-878-3121.  We hope you and your pets all have a safe, wonderful holiday.

Mark C. Mills VMD